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  • Tracks ( 74 Files )

    Contains the Revamped Originals (NASCAR Cup Series Tracks), tracks that include full graphics and AI updates.
  • Misc Tracks ( 5 Files )

    Contains all other tracks ever created here, like tracks run in the NASCAR Nationwide Series or fictional tracks.
  • Addons ( 10 Files )

    Contains the addons, especially the Shared folder updates, which are required to be able to run our tracks, also enhancements which will improve the overall experience of the game.



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    Editing Tools ( 3 Files )

    This section contains usefull utilities for track editing. Hosted for backup purposes only - we take no credit.

    Be sure to visit the ThePits.us, they are hosting a great archive containing tons of tools to allow you to edit NR2003 cars, tracks and graphics.



Please check the SMS lobby for current server status.

SMS Lobby



(Cup11s, nws11, gn70v25, pta, tptcc2)






(Rally, cts, gn70v25)



(AD67, gn70v25, AeroWar88)



(Cup11s, nws11, cts, gn70v25, AD67,

pta, tptcc2)


Special Events:
currently inactive

Except for our Special Events Server

Our Servers are up 24/7 and are always open except during official Points races. They are free to use anytime. All we ask is that you please abide by our open server rules.

BTR is a proud user of all the Revamped_Reloaded tracks we can get our grubby mits on.


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