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Downloads Home

Homestead Revamped

  • Homestead Revamped 2009 Chase Edition

    Date Added:
    hom5The track does have:

    - New geometry
    - Updated wall logos
    - Updated infield logos
    - New billboards
    - New cautionlights
    - New lights around the track (all based on satelite pictures)
    - New barrels on pitentry
    - Building in turn 1
    - Other new 3do's
    - Revamped pitroad protocols
    - 2009 pitstall selection
    - And a lot more


    Pit entry/exit lights:
    By Ian-S (aka Smiffy) at V8Thunderonline.co.uk NR2003 League.

  • Homestead night

    Date Added:

    hom1There was much controversy surrounding this track. but, A few arguments, a few friendly e-mails, and A few days time has made this track now possible for download.

    First, I want to thank John Franklin and Wayne Anderson. I spoke with John in a few e-mails about the release of this track. Since they are the original owners of the edit. Which was a conversion of the PWF day track to a night track conversion. If you are curious of all the work they have done, there is a readme included in the file which is the original readme that came with their release.

    The following was later edited by Revamped:

    - added Pitstall lines
    - Balance the highline with the lowline.
    - added sprint logos
    - fixed the saferbarrier walls
    - set Revamped's standard for ptiroad protocols
    - added digital caution lights from www.NNRacing.com
    - added pitwall breaks 

    One Issues that is known, but it is minor. The AI "dip" in speed coming off of turn 2 (this issues is being worked on).




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