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Downloads Home

Atlanta Revamped

  • Atlanta Revamped Night 2010

    Date Added:
    ATL 2010N_008You need the 2010 shared folder update to run this track!

    The track has:

    - new three dimensional lights around the track
    - new pit entry exit lights from Ian
    - new / rebuilded 3DOs to support DTN transition
    - updated textures for many trackside objects for DTN transition
    - complete overhaul of the track and wall shading
    - updated logos / signage as of the second 2010 race
    - new track shot, - logo, and win screen
    - lot of other little details

    Credits for the pitlights go to Ian-S (aka Smiffy) at V8Thunderonline.co.uk NR2003 League.

  • Atlanta Revamped 2010

    Date Added:
    ATL 2010_ss001The track has:

    - Updated infield / area around the track
    - Higher fences around the track
    - Updated / enhanced shadows around the track
    - Updated billboards
    - Updated infield logos (hires)
    - Updated wall textures/ logos (hires)
    - Updated textures for some trackside objects
    - Added new cautionlights
    - Added the haulers from 2010 shared folder update
    - Some small bugfixes like fences or open wall endings, trackside objects placement, etc.
    - New trackshot/ tracklogo
    - 2010 pitstall selection
    - Extended front grandstand
    - Fixed pitcrew standing in the pitwall (instead of behind it)

    Credits for the pitlights go to Ian-S (aka Smiffy) at V8Thunderonline.co.uk NR2003 League.

  • Atlanta Revamped 2009

    Date Added:
    atl10The turn 4 patch is now also fixed in the spring edition of Atlanta. And since I was working on it anyway I also included a number of other updates:

    - Updated grass logos
    - Updated billboards
    - Updated other logos as well around the track
    - Updated pitstall selection
    - New/updated scoretowers
    - New garages
    - New lights around the track (as preperation for the night track)
    - New .cam file with camera positions based on the FOX broadcast (including a few digger cams)
    - Added a number of haulers in the garage area
    - Added the pitlights
    - Added a track.ini for the truck race
    - New bumpmapping
    - This track works best with the following value in the papy_ai.ini:
    - driver_consistency_to_driver_commitment_dev = 0.08
    - If you use RSmiths papy_ai.ini this setting will already be in it.

    I also advice to download the shared folder update (in case you haven't done it yet), so you'll have up-to-date haulers. But for this track it is no requirement though.

    Special thanks to Ian-S (aka Smiffy) at V8Thunderonline.co.uk NR2003 League for the pitlights and Bill Hawk for the haulers in the garage area.

  • Atlanta Revamped 2008 2nd race edition

    Date Added:
    atl4Credits go to Rioux for the 3D crowd, naskarl for providing a number of pics that helped quite a bit for this update and a number of guys from theuspits forums for the cautionlight psg script.

    The track has:

    - updated billboards
    - update wall signage
    - update logos
    - billboards added near the bottom of a few stands
    - 2008 fall race pitselection
    - revamped pitroad protocols (so DON'T speed during qualifying on pitroad!)
    - 2008 fall race shadows
    - new cautionlights with realistic flashing patterns
    - the weird patch out of turn 4 is fixed
    - C5 track.ini support
    - the C5 track ini has realistic tire wear that should let you run the same times as in real life.
    - New garages (which is part of an ongoing project)



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